Hebei Hengshui Kelitong Composite Flexible Hose Technology Co., Ltd is affiliated with Hebei ZhengYu Piping Group. Located at Hengshui city--southeastern part of Hebei province, the company is next to Hengshui Lake--a National Nature Reservation Zone. Here it enjoys nice surroundings and good transport facilities. It¨s 250km to the capital Beijing, 119km to provincial capital city Shijiazhuang to the west. It has a long history of 1800 years. It is the birthplace of Ji faction snuff bottle painting, imperial tribute Shenzhou honey peach, and the well-known white spirit-Hengshui Laobaigan, whose fame coveres all of North China, and flavor overwhelming in South China. The local people keep a fine trandition of hospitality and business integrity.
  Absorbed advanced foreign technology, imported advanced equipments, and adopting new type composite material macromolecule nanometer SIO:2 from domestic market, we¨ve developed and manufactured a range of high performance polymer composite hoses, which are resistance to corrosion, oil, chemical solvent, and have the advantages of being safe, flexible, light and portable, easy to handle, and simple installation.
  The products are used for transmission of expensive, poisonous or inflammable oil, as well as pollutant fluid, gas, dangerous chemicals or hydrocarbon in the fields of petroleum, chemical, harbor, vessel, oil field, petrochemical etc.
  Major products: foundational composite flexible hose, steel frame composite flexible hose, lightweight composite flexible hose, quick coupling composite flexible hose, harbor-used chemical hose, transfer hose, naval hose, oil wharf cargo hose, petrochemical dock-used liquid delivery hose, truck-loading chemical hose, naval chemical hose, petrochemical warehousing hose, petrochemical dock-used chemical hose, naval hose, chemical hose, oil delivery hose, chemical solvent delivery hose, hose specially used in oil field and hose fittings, adaptive joints etc.
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